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Teenage mixed race girl high school student distance e learning group online class at home looking a

Let me help you to achieve the success you need in Psychology GCSE, A’ Level or in the International Baccalaureate

New to teaching IB Psycholgy, look at the service I can offer you in the section on Mentoring 

Hilary is a highly experienced teacher of Psychology with a have a large number of years teaching Psychology at GCSE, A’ Level and IB


As your online mentor, if you are new to teaching IB psychology, I can support you through the early days and weeks of teaching the IB course. Working collaboratively with you, each session will be tailored to your specific needs. 

As an examiner, I know what examiners are looking for when they are marking and grading your exam papers


As an examiner, I know how you need to present your knowledge, whether in an exam, in an essay or in a report, in order to achieve the highest grades.


And, as your online tutor, I will combine my experience and knowledge to support you as you progress through your psychology course. As your tutor, I fully understand what you need to do in order to achieve the highest grades. I will teach you how to showcase your knowledge to the best of your ability.

I understand what you need to know and how to present your knowledge!

Working from Home

Who am I?

Hilary has taught both internationally and in the UK. I know and have worked with a diversity of examination boards and their respective syllabuses.

Through my experience, I understand many of the diverse challenges students can face as they work through a syllabus towards exams and as they write their reports and essays.

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