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IB Psychology

Let me take you through the three main approaches of IB psychology and also the specialist options. I will give you expert guidance on how to answer the short answer questions and the essays to help you achieve the highest grades.

More than that, I can help you with your exam technique - it’s not just about what you know - it’s about how to put it down in your answers!  As your online tutor, I will teach you the skills you need to help you achieve the success necessary to progress to the next phase of your education.

IB Psychology
A’ Level Psychology

As an experienced A’ Level teacher and having taught a range of exam boards, I offer you expert guidance on how to answer the different styles of questions.  Let my knowledge and experience help you reach the highest grades.

A'Level Psychology
GCSE Psychology

This is a fantastic course introducing you to the world of psychology! I can help you understand the basic ideas of psychology and ensure you become familiar with the language psychology uses and its concepts. 

Despite the number of different exam specifications, be assured that I can help you achieve success in this course through using our interactive online tutoring sessions. 

GCSE Psychology
Internal Assessment

I have a huge amount of experience in helping students both plan and carry out the Internal Assessments necessary for IB Psychology.  Key to success in the IA module is in identifying and including the criteria needed to gain the highest marks.

As your online tutor, I will guide and support you through each section of the IA report.

Extended Essay

Many IB students write Extended Essays in psychology, as part of their IB Core Programme. As a teacher who has worked in busy and successful schools, I know that it’s not always possible to offer all students plenty of individual support with the EE element of the IB syllabus.

As your online tutor, I will use my years of experience to help you formulate a suitable EE question, guide you through the necessary research process and then, how to write a well-structured report.

As your online tutor, I will NOT writing your EE for you, but I will support you through each stage of the process and to work to achieve the highest marks you can in your work.

Extended Project Qualification

A’ Level students quite frequently chose to write an EPQ with a psychology theme.  I have supported many such students in my teaching career - let me support you!

A successful EPQ can greatly aid university and college applications.  It can be a great stepping stone to the degree and university of your choice!

Help me get to know you

If you have booked a free consultation with me, click on the link below so that I can find out a little more about you before our chat. This will remain confidential.

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